This is your opportunity to experience the powers of coaching, I will show you how to break away from the chains of self- doubt, build unbreakable confidence and create a super strong mindset, so you can love the life you live.

This opportunity is your chance to experience how coaching can change your life and how I can bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

Make the most powerful start to your journey with a complimentary discovery session.



Coaching is where we use powerful tools and techniques to work through 

You will leave a session with me with nothing to hold you back so you can become the best version of yourself. 

I will work with you to make those deep positive changes that your life needs, so you can take back control of your life and live with confidence, purpose and passion.

No bullshit, no excuses, everything you need and nothing to stop you.

Tyanna Shama Coaching
Tyanna Shama Coaching

Do you feel like you're not worthy?

Do you want more from your life?

Do you want more control over your life?

Do you feel like your held back by fear and self-doubt?
Do you want more from your life but have no idea how to get it?


I am the right person to help you transform your life for good, because I have been on the journey

you are about to go on.

I went from a young carer, turned lost child of the social system with no identity, no money,

no self worth, no real home, no confidence but a lot of fear and self-doubt 


a confident, self loving, qualified Transitional life coach and NLP practitioner, living a life I adore,

spending my days transforming lives.

I do not accept limits or live through fear.

I believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to as I am the only person in control of my life and, I have done it.

The proof is in the pudding.


I will create a personalised plan designed around your specific needs.

We will create goals for you and I will show you how to make permanent and effective changes in all areas of your life.


So you can finally live free from the confines of what is holding you back.

Using the most powerful tools and techniques, via online 1:2:1 video coach sessions, I will take you by hand and support you every step of the way.


Are you worried about money?

Its ok if you are, let's talk about it.

Firstly, take a second to ask yourself how much you would really invest in your future.


When I say your future, I mean the future where you live free from all of the pains which are holding you back.

I completely understand if your thinking I'm ready to start but 'can I afford it?'

If money is a worry, please let me assure you that my coaching programmes are extremely affordable and I have a range of payment plans to accommodate for all budgets.

Take a step back for a moment, pause and envision yourself living life as the most Confident, Happy and Fulfilled you, without the weight of self-doubt and the barriers of fear.

How do you see your life once you have mastered your mindset and taken back control?


I have a complete money back guarantee, if after 30 days into you're programme you are not satisfied, you can have your money back.

For whatever reason, whether you feel that we're not a great fit or your not benefiting from coaching, I promise you can have a full refund. 


For me personally, it is not about the money. My job is mentor and guide you, for that we must be on the same page and we must me a good match. If that is not the case, you can have 100% of your money back.



If you're tired of living with self-doubt and would love to become the most confident, self-loving, successful version of yourself, don't wait until tomorrow. 

Now is the right time.

Rid your life of limiting beliefs and fear, once and for all.

I will show you how to create a super strong mindset whilst working through the barriers which are holding you back in life.

Be brave and take the first step through your fears today. 


Do this for the future you.


Create the life you deserve.

 I will hold your hand and support you 100% throughout your journey.

Book a call with me and lets talk about how to take that first step.


Remember, I've got your back and I'm here to support you at all times. You are never alone.

Lets do this together.


Take control of your life.

I believe in you. x

Tyanna Shama Coaching