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Pink Gradient


A bit about me...

Today I am living a life I have continuously dreamed about.

Today I am me, a me that I not only like but a me that unconditionally love.


Today I lead a life of Confidence, Self-Love, Authenticity and  Empowered Fulfilment,

but it wasn’t always that way...


I became a carer for my mum as a young child, before spending a long time in foster care due to my dad’s sudden death and then as my mum’s health diminished which was later followed by her suicide. I harboured pain and bottled up resentment for a long time.  I never felt like I was enough and was constantly drowning in self-doubt, lack of confidence and self-hatred.

I felt a constant mixture of negative emotions which weighed on me daily and gave me absolutely nothing to feel good or to like about myself.


I was engulfed in what was then, a constant state of negativity and doubt, as I continued to exist

in what felt like my unchangeable mediocre life.


I was living life completely in Black and White, desperately seeking colour.


Then one day after feeling the weight of my thoughts and behaviours for far too long, for once

I chose myself and I said enough.


Looking in the mirror, I spoke to myself with conviction telling myself  “I am worth it” and “I will find a way to feel how I want to feel and be who I want to be".


"I am worth more."


I was ambitious and felt my potential within me like ignited ember’s rising from deep inside.

I knew there was more to life and more for me to give.

From that day on I made a commitment to myself to dedicate time to my personal growth; to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

    I started my journey to change with ‘You’re a badass’, a book by Jen Sincero.

 I called time on the lame excuses I had been feeding myself for years and stopped being an enabler to

my own self-sabotaging behaviours.

Which in turn opened a door to a whole new world where I was no longer the victim of my own story,

but the



Pink Gradient

I went from one book to the next,

(which was completely unlike me, as a then non-reader)

soaking up every bit of advice and information available.


I signed up for self-improvement classes, I listened to podcast’s and audio books.


I spent time connecting with myself, getting to know the real me for the first time in years.


I tried all types of fitness classes which I had always

been too scared to try,

(thank you, Les Mills, I love you forever!)

This was completely new to me, but was 


bloody brilliant!

Then I found                                  

The first time I was coached it blew my mind.

How could it be so powerful?!?

My entire way of thinking changed immediately,

enabling me to understand people and their actions

during situations from both my past and my present.


This allowed me to forgive and move forward with

what was only useful and beneficial to my future.

My views and perceptions on almost everything in my life changed for the better, giving me a new hunger for life and a new adventure.

Coaching opened my eyes and gave me clarity when I desperately needed it.


I began studying and became an Accredited Coach and NLP practitioner.

It was like the universe was waiting for me to realise I had the tools to start living life on my terms the whole time


Pink Gradient

Now, I choose myself.

Now, I live a life of freedom.

Now, I have my own business.

Now, I love who I see in the mirror.

Now, I am unapologetically and lovingly myself.

Now, I am not afraid to speak my truth & let my voice be heard.

Now, I am confident and proud of who I am and where I come from.

Now, I know I am worthy of love and the adventures life has in store for me.


Now, I see the world in 

I lead with my              


I share my 




Has my story resonated with you?

If so, I would love to guide you to unconditional self-love and true acceptance so you can level up your life and achieve your goals.

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